Camp Information

Resident/Commuter Camp

Eastern Field Hockey Camp is offered to athletes aged 12 - 18 years old.

Open to all school and club teams, individuals, & goalkeepers in all sessions. We encourage full teams to sign-up and invite coaches to attend. All resident campers will be supervised by college coach counselors in the dorms.

COACHING STAFF & STRATEGY: Our coaching staff is made up of a great mix of international and national field hockey champions from Division I, II & III programs. These passionate Eastern Field Hockey Camp caches focus on technical training to develop the player into a skilled, confident,and more inspired athlete. Athletes leave camp with a new game, new techniques, new energy, and new friends.

SPECIALIZED GOALKEEPER TRAINING: Specialized individual instruction is given to all goalies, with an emphasis on goal stopping techniques & footwork. Goalies return to their teams for evening scrimmages & tournaments. A written evaluation is given to each goal keeping camper.